File State and Federal Online, Pay Nothing. Welcome to the Land of the Free.

If you have a simple tax return — like 1040EZ or 1040A — you’ll pay nothing when you file online with H&R Block. Nothing for state. Nothing for federal. And of course, you still get your maximum tax refund, guaranteed.

Get your maximum tax refund. Guaranteed.

There are lots of ways to complete a tax return. At H&R Block, we find the one that gets you the most money possible. It’s the difference between getting your taxes done, and getting your taxes won.

The H&R Block Experience

The H&R Block Experience

You learn a lot from offering tax services for over 60 years. As a tax company with that much tax experience, we know how to deliver the best service possible. Whether you file your taxes with us online, in an office, or with our do-it-yourself software, one thing is certain – we’re not happy until you are.

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  • Find an office

    There are millions of them. Ok, maybe not millions, but we do have tax offices all over the world. Let’s find the one that’s best for you.

  • File taxes online

    We know everything there is to know about taxes. Including how to create the easiest, fastest, more accurate online filing experience known to man.

  • Use our software

    Who offers super simple, do-it-yourself software? The tax company with a 60-year history of making taxes super simple.